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After almost two years of wait, and several delays, the new entry in the Shantae Series is out in time for Christmas 2016.
I am just so happy right now. I want to start my first playthrough right way, but first I have one last comic strip to post this year.
Wow! When I started five months ago I never thought this many people would care to follow the silly comics and drawings I make with my "just ok" art quality. Sorry I have nothing planed for celebration, but I am not out of ideas and there are more comics on the way. Thank you all for your support. Thanks to all who watch and favourite my work.
To avoid spoilers for the new Equestria Girls movie, witch aired in Brazil yesterday, I will be offline for the next week as I wait for the Netflix premier on October 1st.

I could watch it in Brazilian Portuguese, has European Portuguese is my native language, but I don't like the Brazilian and Latino dubs all that much and I don't want that to be my first viewing experience.
First journal entry even! This is so exciting!

A message to my current 38 watchers. I am currently participating in the 30 Day Challenge at Equestria Daily and it takes up all of my drawing time so there will probably not be comics for the next 30 days.

If your want to check the works I have been submitting to EQD they are in My Scrabbook.
Tell me if you think I should put them in the main folder.